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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Exotic Quotes which primarily serves its audience for fun and entertainment in terms of knowledge and wisdom. To avoid any misunderstanding and confusion later we feel it better to list our terms and condition to keep it clear. Exotic Quotes reserve the right to set terms and conditions which are to be followed by the visitors of this website. If a user signs ups on our website and uses any content from the site has to be bound by our terms and conditions. Any user who disagrees from these shall not access or use the site.

All the content available on the website is protected by the law of the state and the copyrights are observed. The supreme of law is applicable and any user visiting or using the content from any other country is supposed to follow that same law. Audience from other regions is requested to use and access the site own their own risk and initiative. We have complete right and authority over the content and can limit or change the content any time.


Our visitors are requested to continuously visit and read the terms and condition as we may update them time to time. All the visitors on our website are to follow the privacy policy and terms and conditions for using any available content including any information, text, data, databases, graphics, images, logos, software, features, services, URLs, technology, documentation, or interactive features and other materials within the Site.

We have started the service of educating and entertaining the society and always look forward to add amazing new content on our web pages to bring the best for our clients. We have a dedicated team serving you for the purpose and whole revenue is generated by the ads which appear on our pages. We keenly check the content we post to keep the quality but we cannot assure for the 100 percent accuracy. We have a huge audience on daily basis which is a proof of our excellent service, quality content and quality work.

We welcome our fans and visitors to share their content on our website but we do not promise to publish them, we may publish if they are in accordance with the standards of our exotic quotes. Similarly you can give suggestions to us but we do not guarantee to follow them.

 Registration and Account Security

A visitor can get access to some of our pages without any registration but to get a complete access to Exotic Quote’s content registration is required which will ask for your name, user name, Email address and a confidential password. Any activity done with your registered account will be on your behalf and risk no matter who does that, therefore you are requested to keep your account credentials secret. According to our privacy policy we do not disclose your information unnecessarily but if it bothers our policy we have complete right over it.

This is notified that once a visitor is given access to our web pages the content can be used but it shall not violate the terms and conditions of use and do not use the content of site by someone else’s name. Any activity which is against our copy rights will be not tolerated.